Tips and Features

We are committed to providing helpful caregiving resources and support to members of our communities. And we’ve got several ways for you to learn about the latest information available. Check back often and give us your feedback. We hope this section is helpful to you and your Community.

Monthly Tips

Every Lotsa Helping Hands Community has Coordinators and Members. Coordinators organize the help and members are all the volunteers who sign up to help. Each month, we’ll share two tips for each of you!

Coordinator Tips:

  1. Share a Picture – Does your Community love sharing pictures? You can create additional galleries to allow Members to upload their own photos. Perhaps you’ve got plenty of pictures from an event or trip. Keep them all in one place to relive the moments and watch the comments come! Create a Custom Gallery through your Administration tab in the link for Sections, Announcements, and Emails.
  2. Create Private Custom Sections – Custom sections are a great way to enhance your Community’s capacity to help, like raising money and linking to other resources. Did you know you can edit the privacy of these sections? Use the grey permissions box when creating a new Community Section to allow, or not allow, any combination of Members. Create a Section exclusive to the immediate family of a care recipient. Or create a completely open section and invite Members to add and share content of their own. Personalize the privacy of your Community to really make it yours!

Member Tips:

  1. ‘Contact a Coordinator’ – The ‘Contact a Coordinator’ link at the bottom of every page in your Community allows you to reach out to those organizing support quickly and easily. If you’ve got a new way to help you can share it with a Coordinator right from your Community. Share your ideas, offer to organize rides for a month, or just touch base to let them know you are there when they need you.
  2. Offer to become a Coordinator - Want to offer a little bit of extra help in your Community? Coordinating a Community web site is easy and you can take some of the pressure off of a Coordinator by offering to help organize a particular activity, such as meals or child care, for that Community. There is no limit to the number of Members or Coordinators, which means there’s no limit to the amount of love and support that a Community can provide.

Visit our How it Works page for more information and quick tips.

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Tap into resources from leading caregiver and health organizations

We partner with the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations that provide trusted information on a variety of health and caregiving topics that may be helpful to your Community. If you choose to identify with one of our nonprofit partners, your Community will include relevant resources, links and logos from that organization. Click on the ‘site options’ link on the ‘Administration’ tab to learn more or check out our Partners Page to read about one of these groups.

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Our newsletter, Lotsa Community Works

Our newsletter, Lotsa Community Works showcases communities of support, offers advanced tips for using the service and highlights new service features.

View our current newsletter: May, 2012

You can access an archive of previous newsletters here.

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Webinars from Lotsa Helping Hands

Our monthly Webinars include tips about ways to use the service, stories of community support and helpful ideas for families and those wishing to support them during their caregiving journey.

Register for a Free Webinar here.

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