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Date Featured tips
March 2012 More than 65 million people in our country play the role of caregiver. Read how to reach out and help, especially if you are caring for or know someone who is caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.
February 2012 Read about sharing some love by sharing your Lotsa story.
January 2012 Make 2012 the year you help someone in need.
December 2011 Stay focused and relaxed this holiday season and learn some holiday themed tips about Lotsa Helping Hands.
November 2011 Celebrate National Family Caregivers Month, tell us your caregiving story and check out the new features at our Lotsa Helping Hands web site.
October 2011 Share your story for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and learn more about how a Community can help you support someone you know coping with breast cancer.
September 2011 Honoring National Ovarian Cancer Month: Read co-founder Barry Katz’s story and submit your own.
August 2011 Use Lotsa Helping Hands to organize day-to-day activities in the classroom or school-wide events.
July 2011 “Sandwich Generation” Month
June 2011 Organize outreach in your religious community using Lotsa Helping Hands to streamline support.
May 2011 Fresh starts and new challenges: Using Lotsa Helping Hands to support new and expecting parents.
April 2011 Supporting Veterans using Lotsa Helping Hands & WWP Service: My Care Crew specifically for our nation’s wounded warriors and their caregivers.
March 2011 Spring Break: Helping Caregiver’s find respite; 5 new tips for using your Community web site
February 2011 What to do when your friends and family ask: ‘What Can I Do to Help?’ & DRIVE-4-COPD Screener
January 2011 Happy New Year! 2011 designated: “Year of the Family Caregiver”
December 2010 First Issue of Lotsa Community Works and the debut of new Community Section ‘Lotsa Resources for You’